Monday, December 4, 2006

Update On My Little Kitchen Scissors Post

I found them!
While in Davis this past weekend, wandering the aisles of my favorite food store, Nugget Market, I found the last pair of the small kitchen scissors that I love so much. Well, it was the last pair they had at that time; they'll probably order more, I'm sure. The point is, I promised to try to find out the brand name (Norpro) of these scissors and how they could be ordered on-line for those who are not in proximity to a Nugget Market. Of course, Norpro kitchen items are available at many good grocery stores, so check around in your area.

Checking around the Internet, I found just one site where these scissors may be ordered, Cooksite DOT com. Also known as La Belle Cuisine, this site offers much, much more than kitchen scissors and is worth a look-see. Click here to go directly to the scissors link.

NOW, I am going to shamelessly copy my blogger buddy Kalyn, who so graciously gave away her duplicate copy of the South Beach Diet Parties and Holidays Cookbook in a drawing on her site (and I was the winner) by doing the same with my extra pair of handy-dandy kitchen scissors. 'Tis the season, after all.

Here's what you can do for a chance to win: Leave a comment at the bottom of this post. For each person who leaves a comment, I will make a slip of paper with that person's name plus an assigned number (I know I'm really being a copy-cat, Kalyn ;). These slips will go into a "hat" and at the end of the closing date, a name will be drawn by Mr. CC. The lucky winner will be notified by email, so please be sure to leave a link for me so I can contact you. Also, just one comment per person, please. The closing date to leave comments is Friday, December 15th, no later than 9:00 pm pacific standard time. Bonne chance!


  1. It sounds as though you had a successful weekend-finding the name of the scissors and where they can be ordered. I will definately be visiting that web site! Happy cooking!

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  3. Hi Christine! I stumbled upon your blog through Albion Cooks and I just wanted to say hi. I live in Arcata so it's great to see a local blogger

  4. Very fun. And I don't mind at all if you copy me. After all, they say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I would love to win the scissors! (Now that would really be a coincidence after you won from me, but luckily Mr. CC is doing the prize drawing so no one could accuse us of cheating.)

  5. What a wonderful idea!

    (Pick me! Pick me!)

    I'm glad you were successful.

    (Pick me! Pick me!)

    There's always something fun cooking here.

  6. Congrats on being the winner over at Kalyn's.

    Very cool pair of scissors.


  7. Count me in! I love kitchen gadgets!

  8. Hope you had a great weekend besides scissor hunting!! I would love to be included in your draw and I know you have my contact e-mail.
    ps perhaps I might just start a blog?!

  9. WOW!! I have been having a problem leaving a comment on your bog--but as soon as there was an opportunity to "win" something, everything was hunky dory! I love cooking shears of any kind. They are essential tools! (Now lets see it this comment goes thru.

  10. Thanks, Christine. I love small handy gadgets....have several that are indispensable in my kitchen including a miniature wire whick I use almost daily. Love your blog, too. I'm a faithful reader.

  11. Jann,
    It was fun finally finding them on-line.

    Thanks for stopping by. Wow, a fellow northcoast food blogger! I like your blog and would like to see more posts of your cooking.

    Thanks for letting me steal the idea from you. And yes, that's exactly why I'm having my husband do the drawing. Of course, who will actually know? I'll have to take a photo. ;)

    Your name is in the hat with all the rest. Good luck!


    Farm Girl Cyn,
    You're in.

    I think it would be wonderful if you started a blog!

    That's exactly the way I felt about them when I first saw them. I reach for them so often I don't know how I got along without them.

    Sorry you've been having trouble leaving comments. A new company bought out our server, Cox Communications, and I'm hearing horror stories about daily outages. I'm so afraid to change my email over to the new company, no telling what might happen.

    Hi Maren,
    Glad to "meet" you and know that you read my blog. I need a way to reach you if you would like to be entered in the scissors drawing. You can email me if you prefer by clicking on my profile

  12. Hmmm... an extra pair of scissors being offered... oh, I don't know what I could posssssssibly do with another pair of scissors. LOL You really can never have too many scissors. Knives, yes. Scissors? NEVER!

    I'm glad to see you found them so quickly. Even if the draw is unlucky pour moi, I know what brand to look for. I trust your recommendation! *S*

  13. Those look like extra-ordinary usefull scissors. My problem would be keeping them away from my husband. Right now the only scissors I can keep in the kitchen are from the dollar store. I buy $10 at a time and they keep walking to the garage.

  14. Nerissa,
    I'm so glad you signed up!

    I think a large, neon orange sign taped to your scissors may be in order!

  15. Thanks for the link to La Belle Cuisine - they have some items I can't find locally, and I've bookmarked it. :)

  16. Becke,
    Glad to be of service. It's funny that La Belle Cuisine has such a different url.

  17. Hi christina...When I 've read your post "Roasted American Chestnuts" and your tip how to make a criss-cross cut in a bottom of a chestnut I've look for the scissors in the nearest grocery store .But it is vain. Thank you for the brand name and on-line store link. I am sure that this wonderful scissors will receive the best.

  18. Hi christine,
    I'm throwing my name in the hat, since the geat pair of scissors I have had for many many years was able to cut wire, as well as paper, and chicken, and who knows what, it's getting a bit tired.

  19. Hello Anna Maria,
    Your name is in the hat! Good to hear from you.

  20. Oh, please add my name to the hat.

    fleur325 at aol dot com

  21. Hi Rachel,
    Your name is in the hat. Thanks for stopping by.


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