Monday, February 23, 2009

Down For The Count . . .

. . . hopefully not for long

Well, this is a fine howda-ya-do: Not only have I not been posting any recipes in what seems like forever, I missed my blogaversary - again.

I have to tell you that winter is not my favorite season (although I often fool people by trying to point out great things about it) and sometimes I can get downright morose. I think it's the darkness. Or the cold. Or the wet. Probably all three. Whatever it is, it can lay me low.

I do have a few recipes waiting for me to get my butt in gear and post. Like that cassoulet I've been promising.
And a simple, delicious lemon tart that anyone can make.

I know I'll get them up soon, but right now I want all my blogger friends to commiserate (begin playing tiny violin here) with me because my small-but-mighty Canon PowerShot SD450 Digital Elph is broken, and so is my heart.

I may have to send it away for a while to be fixed, if it can be fixed. Or I may have to find a new one. Whichever happens, it seems now that every where I look there's a photo begging to be taken.

Especially of beautiful vegan food that son Jeff has been preparing for us.

And the daffodils that are beginning to bloom.

And the tiny green leaves budding on the red current.


What do you do for the winter blues?

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