Friday, September 16, 2005

August is Such a Busy Month, Revisited

Today I'm Adding a photo to this post from August to show you one of the regions we visited while in France - the Dordogne River Valley. You can see why I was so excited! Watch for more photos soon.

I realize that I have not posted anything to my blog in quite a while. The reason being that August is the time when people visit us. And stay awhile! We have campfires, go for walks on the beach, go to brew pubs, listen to music and eat wonderful food; some home-cooked (by me, of course) and some at local restaurants.

I have 2 drafts written but not finished of some of the meals shared in August, along with some great photos. And many more posts that are in my head but not on paper, so to speak. But you will have to wait awhile to see them because, in just one week, we're going to Europe for 5 weeks. And I'm so excited that I can't concentrate on much except - Europe!

When I return, just in time for Thanksgiving, I'll sit myself down and do some writing, photographing and posting.

A bien tot!