Monday, February 23, 2009

Down For The Count . . .

. . . hopefully not for long

Well, this is a fine howda-ya-do: Not only have I not been posting any recipes in what seems like forever, I missed my blogaversary - again.

I have to tell you that winter is not my favorite season (although I often fool people by trying to point out great things about it) and sometimes I can get downright morose. I think it's the darkness. Or the cold. Or the wet. Probably all three. Whatever it is, it can lay me low.

I do have a few recipes waiting for me to get my butt in gear and post. Like that cassoulet I've been promising.
And a simple, delicious lemon tart that anyone can make.

I know I'll get them up soon, but right now I want all my blogger friends to commiserate (begin playing tiny violin here) with me because my small-but-mighty Canon PowerShot SD450 Digital Elph is broken, and so is my heart.

I may have to send it away for a while to be fixed, if it can be fixed. Or I may have to find a new one. Whichever happens, it seems now that every where I look there's a photo begging to be taken.

Especially of beautiful vegan food that son Jeff has been preparing for us.

And the daffodils that are beginning to bloom.

And the tiny green leaves budding on the red current.


What do you do for the winter blues?

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  1. Christine, I feel for you. I've had the moments of cameralessness which seemed to taunt with nice weather and pretty surroundings. And boy, do I understand winter blues. I struggle with avoiding those blues every winter. It can terribly rainy and grey around here. It's one of the rainiest places in Canada. I have found one reprieve this winter-- My class of 5 year olds. I'm never morose with them. So, if you can, borrow some wee ones for a while and play. Just play. Be a kid with them. It will light up your heart :-)

    In the mean time, I'll be waiting for your new posts. I can't wait.

  2. Oh Christine, my heart goes out to you. Those dreary drippy days are so hard. I can't wait for your lemon tart recipe. Our tree has exploded this year (probably because we were lazy with the pruning last year!). I've given away bags full of lemons but they're still covering every flat surface of my kitchen.

    Hope your spirit (and your camera) are feeling better soon!

  3. Oh uck Christine my camera going out would really bum me too! Get it fixed soon and move on out of the duldrums.
    Looking forward to the cassoulet. I do love it even the simple couple I've done.

    I like to put on wacky things like the song "YMCA" and just belt that out to myself in my kitchen. I'm a nut.:))

  4. My camera is currently held together by a rubber band, so I am almost in your situation. I may decide to get a new one, but every time I start reading reviews, I get a headache. hang in there, days are already longer and in another couple of weeks daylight saving time will be here. Driving north shortly.

  5. I hate winter too. My condolences about the camera. What a drag that must be!

  6. Awww, you guys are so great. Such good friends. I'm feeling a little better already.

    Now why didn't I think of playing with kids, Nerissa? I work in a school! In business administration to be sure, but it's still a K-8 school. I'll have to go visit the kindergarten........... thanks for that tip!

    Thank you so much, Shane. I'll get that lemon tarte up just for you and your tree full of lemons!

    Just the thought of you belting out YMCA in your kitchen brings a smile to my face, Tanna. Bless you!

    I don't know which is worse, Simona - a camera held together with a rubber band or one that has its lens firmly jammed in an open position to the degree that, with the battery in, it just beeps forlornly. (I had to take the battery out so I wouldn't hear that pitiful beep.) And I know just what you mean by the headache that can accompany looking for a new camera. Ugh! Looking forward to seeing you. And to daylight saving time. Thank you for reminding me.

  7. Winter is a struggle, isn't it? Especially when there are losses involved. I am so sorry to hear about your camera. I slog through these winter months as well. I found that baking helps.

    I used a Powershot for years. Most of the photos from the first year of my blog come from that little baby. They are wonderful cameras. Don't worry, Spring is around the corner.

  8. Hi Kalyn,
    I'm thinking I may need one of those sun-spectrum light bulbs and just hang it over my head where ever I go all winter long. Thanks for the camera condolences. I've been poring over new camera specs til my eyes cross.

    Hello Lucy,
    You're sweet to write. I love to bake and wish I had more time for it. I did spend the last 10 days with water and flour trying to get a liquid levain to develop. No luck yet. Maybe when the days get warmer.
    Speaking of baking, the lemon tarte I've got in the wings is an adaptation of the one you recently posted. It was delicious and I'm going to give you full credit.
    As for cameras, I love my PowerShot so much but I knew the time was approaching that I would look for something else. I've got my eye on a Lumix G10 and another Canon that has more megapixels packed into it than can be believed. Hmmm, I'm getting an idea...

  9. Sometimes it just seems like an awful lot of work, doesn't it? Getting through the cold, wet days, I mean....
    Bummer about your camera... I would be so lost!

  10. My getting through cold and wet days is nothing compared with what you have been doing this winter. And with a great deal of grace and good humor to boot! I envy your pioneering spirit. Does it come in a pill form? :) Thanks for writing.

    To all my blogger friends, you can't know how your support and encouragement has improved my outlook on life through this somewhat trying time. Thank you all so much!

  11. I exercise regularly in the morning. I think it helps me fully awake and feel ready to start the day. When that doesn't work, there's always chocolate. Hang in there, Christine. :)

  12. Hi Susan,
    Thank you for the exercise reminder. Mr CC and I have begun walking again every day after I get home from work. It is doing wonders for my mental outlook, to say nothing of the boost in energy. And, yeah, there's always chocolate. :)

  13. So very sorry to hear about the camera :(

  14. No camera is hell! With the weather, I feel like I've just been making soup, soup, soup. But it's comforting, inexpensive, and healthy, so why not just go with it.

    The great thing about a blog is that it captures the ups and downs and, in doing so captures the real rhythm of our lives. And that's rather more worthwhile than happy, always chirpy cook!

    And, everything is temporary...

    Hang in there!

  15. Thank you Cynthia! I got an interim camera and am slowly getting used to it.

    Thank you Catherine. You're exactly right - it's all temporary. I've bought myself an interim camera that will get me through until the one I really want becomes available. And, the sun is shining (although it's really, really cold) and the days are getting longer. Yay!

  16. Looking forward to your return, since I just discovered your blog. The cassoulet sounds wonderful and I am thinking of ordering a cassole. Maybe an anniversary present. . . hmmm. Spring is coming soon. Hope you feel better.

  17. Hope everything is better now.

    Paz xoxo

  18. Flowers! My antidote to winter is to buy flowers. I've had tulips and daffodils on my desk, and every Friday, I've been finding flowers for my mother, too: Creamy roses, pinky tulips. Sharing these lovely helps me hang on...

    I must get over to your garden blog, Christine!


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