Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Kitchen Gadgets I could Live Without But Prefer Not To - #2

I'm off to the Sacramento Valley tomorrow for a long weekend. Since I've nothing to offer you in the food department, I'll leave you with another installation of kitchen gadgets I could live without but, damn, they make my work easier so why would I want to?

This small pair of scissors lives in the drawer with my paring knives. It doesn't touch anything that can mar the smooth, sharp edges. It snips things like Turkish apricots, candied ginger, herbs, the bottoms of chestnuts, pie dough, and parchment with aplomb. I do not use it to cut meat, having another pair for that task.

I coddle this tiny gem; washing it immediately after each use and then lovingly drying it with a clean dishtowel before gently putting it away in its compartment. In turn, it cradles my fingers in plush, softly molded, rubberized handles, fits my hand perfectly and works practically without effort on my part. Its sharp little points easily pierced these chestnut shells, making short work of an otherwise arduous task.

Sound silly? You'll just have to get a pair for yourself. You'll see.

I wish I could tell you the brand name for these scissors but there is not a mark on them and I've long since tossed the wrapping they came in. I got them at the Nugget Market in Davis though, and am going there this weekend so I'll try to find out more about them and let you know. That is if, like me, you've decided you'd prefer to not live without them.