Sunday, November 26, 2006

A Walk Around Trinidad Head

What? No Food? No recipes? What's going on here? I'm full, people. I think if I see another piece of turkey, another yam, another grain of stuffing I'll go mad.

So while the soup is burbling away on the stove (of course I'm cooking - gotcha though, didn't I?) I thought I'd show you the views from our post-Thanksgiving walk around Trinidad Head, a small, rocky island of great renown in our "front yard". And if I seem a bit smug about calling this stretch of the beautiful northern California coastline my front yard, I am. Click here for an interesting read on the history and European discovery of both Trinidad and Humboldt Bays.

Coming up the trail on the north side of the Head, you look across the

Looking due west, the rocks are sea lion and pelagic bird refuges.

We're on the south side of the Head now, looking down Clam Beach and on to Humboldt Bay, Table Bluff and, although I couldn't catch it with my camera, Cape Mendocino way off in the southern distance.

I wish they would underground the poles and phone lines. They mar an otherwise beautiful view. In the shadows beyond our group, you can just make out the cross that was erected by the Spanish explorers who "discovered" Trinidad in 1775.

Descending the Head on the east side, beautiful Trinidad village comes into view.
That's it for now folks. I hope I've given you enough informational links to keep you busy until the soup is ready.