Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Red Curry Soup With Chicken, Edamame & Cilantro

What to do when you want a quick, hot soup for lunch and there's "nothing" in the cupboards? You drop back ten yards and punt, as the saying goes. Using a base of vegetable stock, coconut milk and red curry paste, a bowl of soup is on the table in no time.

As I was preparing this, I remembered that it's time for Weekend Herb Blogging so I went out to the herb beds to see what I could find. There, peaking out from between some parsley and sage, was a little volunteer cilantro plant. Not too far away was another, older one sporting some late-season flowers.

Now I know that Kalyn, our intrepid WHB founder and host of this week's event, featured cilantro the entire month of October, so I do apologize for prolonging the agony of cilantro-haters 'round the globe. But, really, what other herb goes so well with coconut milk and curry paste AND happens to be growing in my herb bed at the moment? I can hear the clamoring for lemongrass, basil, anything but cilantro. Sorry, cilantro's what I had so cilantro it had to be.

Kalyn will be posting a round up of the entries for this week's WHB on her blog, Kalyn's Kitchen, this sunday night. Click here to find out more about this popular weekly event. Click here to find out how to join in the fun.

Red Curry Soup with Chicken, Edamame & Cilantro
Inspired by a few good cans and some leftovers
14 oz lite coconut milk
14 oz good vegetable stock
1 teaspoon red curry paste, such as Thai Kitchen brand (more if you like it hot)
1-2 tablespoons soy sauce
2 teaspoons Splenda
1/2 cup frozen edamame
1/2 to 2/3 cup shredded, cooked chicken
1 teaspoon cilantro, finely chopped

In a medium size saucepan over medium heat, combine the coconut milk, vegetable stock, curry paste, soy sauce and Splenda (or regular sugar if you prefer), stirring until smooth.
When the mixture is quite hot but not boiling, add the edamame and cook until it is tender. Do not allow to boil.
Using leftover chicken from yesterday's post, add it to the pot, keeping the soup at a simmer until the chicken is heated through.
Remove the pot from the stove, adjust the seasonings (if I'd had a fresh lime I would have squeezed a bit of its juice into the soup at this point) and, just before serving, stir in the chopped cilantro.


Kalyn said...

I'm quite jealous to hear that you're growing cilantro! I just can't seem to get it to grow here at all, or if it does the snails immediately eat it. The soup sounds fantastic. I love red curry paste and buy that same brand. (Proof that great minds think alike, don't you agree?)

sher said...

Ahh, I know I would love this. It has all my favorites in it. AND--quick and easy? Sold!

Anonymous said...

Sounds great to me I am a cilantro lover, we call it coriander across the water. You've a new name for me edamame I think we just know it as soy bean unless it a special variety? Hope you are feeling better now.

Tea said...

This sounds delicious--I'm putting it on the menu. With the recent rain, all I want is soup.

coffeepot said...

Sounds so good.

JMom said...

I love cilantro! so bring it on :) and I also love how ingredients seemingly come together just when you need them. This soup sounds delicious! and cilantro is the perfect pair for it.