Thursday, December 21, 2006


Is all your holiday shopping finished?
Or do you, like me, still have a few little items to get, maybe to tuck into Christmas stockings, send to a dear friend, or place in festive little boxes that each of your dinner guests will open?
Will you spend at least $10 on each of these last-minute gifts?
I have a suggestion for you: For each $10 donation that you give to Menu for Hope III, you will be able to choose a chance to win from a wide array of prizes that have been donated by the food blogging community around the world.
Your donation dollars, made in a special person's name if you wish, will go to feed the world's neediest people. Your giftee then gets the chance to win a very special prize, hand-picked by you.
Tomorrow, Friday, December 22nd, is the last day you will be able to bid on some of the most generous, glamorous, and simply outstanding prizes ever donated by the global food blogging community in a single event. Each one is worth way more than, some WAY, WAY more than, the price of a single $10 donation.
As I write this, a Menu for Hope III has raised over $42,600, all of which will go to the UN World Food Programme to help feed those who live in a world of starvation, day in and day out.
If you've been seeing my messages below the Menu for Hope logo on my sidebar for the past two weeks, or received an email from me imploring you to donate to this most worthy of causes while having a chance to win spectacular prizes, and have been putting it off,
I'm not going to give you a plethora of links to visit. Just one.
The most important link is this one:
First Giving - Menu for Hope III. This is the place to make your donation and pick the prizes you would like a chance to win. You will be able to read about the UN World Programme, the previous Menu for Hope campaigns, see who else has donated, how much and what prizes have been bid on. Links are provided for you to view and choose from all the prizes that have been donated.
There's not much time left! This campaign to help feed the world's hungry children, women and men will end promptly at 6:00 PM tomorrow, in just over 24 hours from now.
Please be able to say, "I donated to the Menu for Hope III." I know it will make you smile.
I would like to extend a big thank you for an incredible undertaking, countless hours of work, and the sharing of a common vision to Sam Breach of Becks and Posh, and to the founder of Menu for Hope, Pim of Chez Pim. Without the tireless, selfless work of these two women and many other men and women around the world, this campaign would not have happened. Please take a minute, if you can, to visit their blogs by clicking on the blog names and leave them a message of thanks for a job well done.


  1. Happy Hoildays to you and your family, Christine. And, thank you for all your efforts in The Menu for Hope-you certainly put forth much effort to spread the word-well done, my dear!It was a success!

  2. Thanks so much Jann. Happy Holidays to you too! Can you believe that Menu for Hope has now surpassed $54,000? I'm so pleased!


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