Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Faraway

At last!

While deep in the New Hampshire woods this past fall at my dear friend Erika's family get-away home, we gathered around the massive stone fireplace, the flaming logs within keeping us warm against the night chill, and toasted to lasting friendships with this cobbled together version of a Cosmopolitan.

Christened "The Faraway", after the name of her family holding, we put this together with what ingredients were on hand, the grocers being at least 6 miles away, down country lanes, in the deep, dark night.

When Mr. CC and I returned home in October I had every intention of posting this delicious concoction immediately but couldn't find the recipe, having left it, as it turns out, back in New Hampshire.

Now sometimes recipes are important and other times not. This one belongs in the former category because, lacking a recipe in the first place, we'd made it up. You can't very well make up another recipe to replace the first made up one, now can you? So I waited...

And yesterday I received an email from Erika who is back at Far Away for the holidays, in which she said, "...since I checked the liquor closet door, and finding the recipe in your own hand for "The Faraway", I thought I'd give it to you direct!!" Thank you dear friend. Merry Christmas!

And now, here it is. Direct from the New Hampshire woods:

The Faraway
5 ounces good Vodka
1/3 cup orange juice
3/4 cup cranberry juice
Juice of 1 lime

Fill a pitcher with ice. Add all ingredients and stir. Serve in martini glasses or, lacking those, wine glasses, sit by a cozy fire with the best of friends and enjoy!
Serves 5


  1. Ooh! Something to do with that bottle of Stoli that's been languishing in the cabinet all this time. This looks and sounds like it would taste like Christmas!

  2. That looks and sounds great...but kind of risky, like it would go down veeerrrryyyy easily.
    Think I'll try it at my sis this weekend - I won't be driving...

  3. Definitly don't want to be driving after one of those. Yeah, it might be very easy to drink expecially with the good friends and a snappy fire in the fireplace.
    No pasta yet Christine, just Christmas baking. Maybe while my boys are here we'll try out the machine.

  4. This looks wonderful-might tip me over-could tip me up, too! Something good to share with friends-yes!

  5. After two pitchers between 5 people we were very, very merry indeed!

  6. I bet you were very merry, now is the season to be merry again!! It looks delicious.

  7. I love drinks with cranberry juice in them and that looks very good indeed. Very nice backstory too!

  8. Sounds like a first-rate cousin of the Cosmo! Yum. If I don't stop by for a few days,
    have a most blessed Christmas!

  9. We just made this for Christmas Eve and it was very good. I added a pinch of sugar. My husband's reaction was, "This is a pretty good drink!"


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