Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Holiday Blogging By Mail

The package from my Blogging by Mail 'Secret Santa' arrived today filled with delicious goodies from Helene at Tartelette. Helene has been baking up a storm, cleaning her house and doing a thousand other chores in preparation for spending the holidays with her family in France. Her penchant for baking is truly inspiring. You simply must go to her blog to see the recent Gateaux Basques and the peppermint meringue kisses.

My package came with Helene's homemade biscotti and blue cheese crackers (yum!), Belgian "Fruits de Mer" chocolates, all in the shapes of shellfish, a sweet Santa in a glass bell jar, gingerbread candles and so many more wonderful goodies. Thank you so much Helene! Mr. CC and I already sampled the biscotti for tea this afternoon and they were delicious.
A special thanks to the very stylish Stephanie of The Happy Sorceress for hosting this Holiday Blogging by Mail event. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
The Menu for Hope III raffle is going gangbusters, with over $13,000 raised in just 3 days. There are so many fabulous prizes donated by food bloggers all over the world that, at just $10 per ticket, how can you resist? Let's make this year's event the biggest and best ever! Click here to read all about it, see the prizes, and make your donation. It's that simple. You could be the winner of some of the best prizes the food blog world has to offer and help hungry people the world over at the same time.
My raffle donation, Code UW22, may be seen here. Please join us!


  1. Those Gateaux Basques look tasty!

    Christine, I thought of you as I bought some chestnuts for roasting today — I was thrilled to find them locally. Thanks for providing roasting instructions a few weeks back. It's been a while since I had them.

  2. What a terrific treat you received-too many goodies!

  3. Wow, you are one lucky woman. I'd really love to try those blue cheese crackers. But then I'd really like to try the biscotti as well-chocolate dipped lobster indeed!! He's pretty neat.

  4. I am happy you liked the items I included. We finished the crackers yesterday, they go down too easy!
    Happy Holidays!

  5. Mimi,
    Isn't Helene's blog great?

    Jann and Tanna,

    You've inspired me to make biscotti!

  6. very cool package to receive!


  7. what a lovely prize to win

  8. What a lovely, festive package! I am still checking my mail box and door step daily for treasures, but my buddy received the package I sent to Sweden...minus the beautiful ornament, which arrived in 1,000 pieces...still kicking myself for that. Happy holidays to all the Blogging by Mail folks!

  9. Thanks for visiting Libby. I'm still enjoying the goodies that were sent to me, savoring the Belgium chocolates one little bite at a time.
    You've got a cool blog!


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