Friday, November 24, 2006

Thanksgiving Table

My sis and I are in the kitchen cooking, while Mark set the table.

Just before sitting down, most thankfully, to dinner.

Teenager's carb-loaded plate.

A few recipes will follow.


  1. The table looks lovely, Christine. I'm sure the meal was, too.

    I didn't fuss too much, since it was just the two of us. It was fairly casual this year. I'll have to get a photo tomorrow or Sunday.

  2. oh, your table looks beautiful and so inviting! How many people did you have for dinner? The carb plate looks familiar.....where in the world do they put that food?

  3. Wow Christine, now I would have loved to be sitting down with you for that meal.

  4. Beautiful table!!!!!! I identify with the teenager plate. That's what my plate looked like too. :):)

  5. Hello to all of you,
    Despite the china, silver and crystal, our Thanksgiving was fairly casual food-wise. For the first time in the 25 years my husband and I have been together, there were only 7 people at our table. Seven wonderful people, mind you; I couldn't have been happier. But we are used to at least 16-20 and have had as many as 32!
    This year we had a very small turkey that my husband rotisseried, garlic-buttermilk mashed yukon gold potatoes, mashed garlic, chestnut, sweet vermouth yams, an oven bread stuffing with sauteed veggies and portobellos, broccolini in a pomace-asian sauce my sister made (which was fabulous), the infamous moldy salad, garlic croutons with roasted garlic cloves (can't get too much garlic),and various chutneys and relishes. Traditional pumpkin pie for dessert; no whipped cream, thank god.
    And the teenager, who recently turned 20 so I mis-spoke, is a 6'1" stringbean of an avid skateboarder. He burns calories in his sleep!

  6. Hi Christine! Beautiful table and very beautiful plates (I like also white plates with a pattern around ).And like another visitors of your blog I would have loved to be sitting down with you .

  7. Chrstine, that is a gorgeous table.

  8. Dear Home Cook, Lucy, Sher, Jann and Mimi,
    Thanks for your kind comments on my Thanksgiving table. I love my china, crystal and sterling. When I set my table with these treasured items I feel that I'm carrying on a long, time-honored tradition.

  9. Yum! that looks beautiful and delicious. Your teenager is one lucky kid!!


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