Sunday, November 5, 2006

Fleur De Sel De Guerande

Ooooooh, la la! My little package of Fleur de Sel de Guerande arrived from Amazon on Friday. This salt is from Brittany, purported to be the best in the world, hand-raked and... Well, I should just let David tell you all about it. He was there, afterall.

Reading David's post is what prompted me to order my very own container and I'm so happy it's finally arrived because this is absolutely, without a doubt, the best salt I've ever tasted.

We ate the very last of the heirloom tomatoes last night, sprinkled with these gorgeous crystals. Read David's post then click on over to Amazon to order your very own. Because I'm not sharing mine. No way!


  1. I am so jealous, and the tomato photo is awesome.

  2. Ahh--you are so right! And how smart to celebrate the last of the tomatoes with that marvelous salt. I love those photos.

  3. Thanks Kalyn and Sher,
    I know how each of you can appreciate a good condiment that will compliment your cooking, so I can't sell this product enough, it's that good. My little box was $9.99 but the salt will last for a long, long time, making it just pennies per use. Look at me, I'm a walking talking advertisement!

  4. oh, lucky you to have all that delicious salt! Really does not take all that much to draw out the flavor of foods, does it....Happy Cooking

  5. your post just made my mouth water :) I love sweet tomatoes sprinkled with sea salt!

  6. I thought you might like to know that in my French classes we have just been going through an article on Sel du Guerande and the families that farm it. I just had to mention that you had done a blog on it. I still have quite a lot left as you say it goes a long way I usually buy it on one of my trips across the channel.

  7. Jann,
    Just a sprinkle is all that's needed, indeed!

    Thanks for stopping by. I like your blog and have it bookmarked.

    You can't imagine how jealous I am that you can just "pop" across the channel to buy all things French!
    Can I order truffles from you?
    Thanks for mentioning my blog in your French class. Is that why my UK traffic has picked up lately?

  8. I don't think I'll be popping across for a bit, perhaps in the spring.


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