Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Meyer Lemons: Recipes Redux

When Bill  (or life, as the saying goes) gives you Meyer lemons, make . . .    insert any number of lemon-enhanced dishes behind those elipses.

My friend Bill did indeed give me a bag of Meyer lemons while I was in the Sacramento Valley visiting family and friends last week, picked from his backyard trees that morning.  Bill has been gifting me with these beauties for a number of years now and the thrill of receiving them never lessens.

You see them up there; the photo taken mere moments ago in my rather winter-dark kitchen.  Meyer lemons are to winter like sunshine is to summer:  Golden nuggets of sunshine, brightening and perfuming the house; giving their soft tangerine-lemon essence to food; pushing away the still-cold, gray vestiges of winter.

Tonight I'll put juice and zest into a savoy cabbage sauté like this one.

Tomorrow I may make a sorbet kind of like this one but without so much booze.

Today I will not be giving you a new recipe, but rather photos and links to recipes past to encourage you to employ Meyer lemons into your cooking repertoire.  (I know that some of my old posts leave a lot to be desired, both in content and photography. Go ahead and laugh. I do. Someday I may fix them. Or not.)

Recently, several readers - quite independent of each other - told me that they use my recipes as inspiration for creating their own.  I love that.

Meyer lemon recipes to inspire you - from my kitchen to yours:

Plus Another Meyer Lemon Curd from a long time ago

Meyer lemons enhance my Homemade Refried Beans

Winter Squash Soup with Meyer lemons and so many other good things

Need a winter pick-me-up?  Make this Chicken Broth for the Flu, with Meyer lemons of course

Try this rather boozy take on a Lemon Drop cocktail: Meyer Lemon Drop Sorbet
Meyer Lemon Mascarpone Tart with Fresh Raspberries - yum!
 And for good measure, how 'bout a Meyer Lemon Blueberry Ginger Tea Cake?

As long as I'm baking, here's an old post that really needs improving but the scones and curd are great

Dessert's not your thing?

Why not try a Meyer lemon-drenched Whole Roasted Chicken that can be fixed on a week night.
Or would you prefer a light and lovely Citrus Relish with your fish?  Thought so.

 And if the above recipes don't use up your stash of Meyer lemons,
juicing and freezing extends their life long into spring and summer, making yours truly one very happy cook.


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  1. Very nice collection of recipes! If you juice lemons to freeze the juice, you can first grate the zest, dry it and store it for later use.

  2. Sooo delicious...!!...cara Christine; I see all these wonderfyl recipes...colourfull and full of fantasy....but there is one which I HAVE TO TRY EVEN TONIGHT!!!!!

    The lemon-mascarpone pie....I have such a sweet tooth....I love cakes!!!
    ....and I love to bake and I definetely am attracted by this DOLCE!!!!!

    Thank you Cara!!

    ciao ciao elvira

  3. I'll bet they're difficult to come by where you are, Lydia. If I had my own tree, a box of them would be on their way to you now.

    Thanks Simona. Thank you for reminding me about the zest - I left that part out. Actually, I let the zest dry on paper towels then put in a zip top bag and freeze them also. It works like a charm.

    Cara Elvira, I hope you made the lemon-mascarpone tarte. Please tell me how you liked it. I'll be by soon to see what lovely photos you've posted.

  4. I'd love to try every one of your Meyer Lemon recipes.... I'd love to try a Meyer Lemon! Could you send me one?

  5. Just one, Katie? I would do it but I'll have to figure out how to mask the scent otherwise they might not make it to your house. :)

  6. I'm liking lemons more and more~


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