Saturday, March 8, 2008

Saving Meyer Lemons

Early this February, I received yet another box of Meyer lemons from my very generous and dear friends Erika and Bill. There were many more than you see in the photo. Well, I used some of them but then the flu struck (this is positively the last time I mention the flu - this year) and those golden beauties sat around for quite some time. Meyer lemons do not have good staying power once picked. It's a good thing it's so cool where I live because on slicing one open this morning I saw that, while they had gotten a little soft, they were still delicious. So, what to do with all those lemons that would make me cry if they went to waste?
Juice 'em

Then freeze 'em in ice cube trays

Then double bag them, mark them with MLJ and put them in the freezer

Each cube is 5 teaspoons of juice when thawed making it trés simple to measure when cooking. Sometimes I'm so clever I can't stand myself.

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