Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New Profile Photo: The Yellow Recipe Box

Changes, changes...

I'd grown tired of the photo in my sidebar and tried for a long time to get a photo of me that I could live with day in and day out. Well, as I grow older, those photos get far-er and fewer between and, being decidedly un-photogenic IMHO, I'm just vain enough to be selective with what I will let the public view.
So it seems that I have turned into my old yellow recipe box. The one crammed full of recipes from my mother, my sisters, old family friends, dear current friends, and me. Much like me when I'm in my kitchen, this venerable and well-used recipe box is usually covered with the smears and smudges of a lifetime of cooking. It was given a good washing for this photo but rest assured, the smudges and smears are back. I'm quite comfortable with this as a profile photo; it holds a lot of the essence of me as a cook.
Now if I could just figure out how to separate my garden blog from this one. A yellow recipe box on a garden blog somehow doesn't fit... Anyone got any clues?

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