Friday, March 7, 2008

Miles' Time

Son Miles is traveling about Europe for a month. As a mom, of course I think about him all day - where he is, what he's doing, the great sights he's seeing, etc, ad nauseum. And because I'm constantly counting on my fingers the time difference between where I am and where he is, I found this cool web site called Time and Date DOT com, where I can put a digital clock on my sidebar (see? it's just there to the left) for just about any country in the world. And now I don't have to count on my fingers - I can just click on my blog. When he moves from country to country (of course I have his itinerary), I can will change the clock to reflect his movement. This gives a mom comfort. Especially this mom. Grown up young man that he is, he is, after all, my baby.

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MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

I use a widget on my dashboard to do the same thing! We moms must be pretty much alike with this. Worry, I'm sure there's a mom gene for it.

Peter M said...

Christine, relax...he's having a blast, an education and he'll come back a better, more worldly person and maybe a European fiancee! lol

Paz said...

Wonderful idea about the clock. I'm sure he's having a fun time with lots of stories to tell when he returns. I know I did. ;-)


Anonymous said...

You can't help worrying though can you Christine.

Anonymous said...

Wow, things have sure come along way since I last left word. sorry to hear of your arm woes-get that better! Is Miles home yet? What a great Trip!! I woulda gladly gone and kept an eye on him for ya! lol
Love D
PS so good to talk w/ you :)

Christine said...

Hey there D, Great to see a note from you. Miles is home, he had a wonderful time AND he got engaged to his sweetie while they were staying in Barcelona! A good trip all the way around, I'd say.
The arm is getting better, in baby steps.