Saturday, June 9, 2007

Oatmeal And Eggs For Brunch

There are folks who love me despite my predilection for culinary weirdness. Those are the dishes you will seldom see on this blog. And then again, sometimes they're just too weird to not show you.

Take today's brunch: Every morning Mr CC leaves oatmeal in the pot for me to have for breakfast. And like a good girl I almost always eat it, breakfast being "the most important meal of the day..." blah, blah, blah, and oatmeal (in our case, steel-cut oats) being so very good for you, blah, blah, blah. All very true and, sometimes, all very boring.

On days when I don't have to get up early and run off to work, the oatmeal will often sit in the pan until mid-morning, me not being a breakfast eater at heart. So as I walked into the kitchen sporting a few hunger pangs an hour ago, there sat the oatmeal, in the pan, with the requisite chunks of apple. And me craving eggs.

Now you can see where this is going, right?

Place your significant other's lunch taco skillet over medium low heat and toss in a teaspoon of butter or Earth Balance (which is what I use almost exclusively).
When the butter starts to sizzle, plop in the cooked oats and spread them around in a circle about 6-inches in diameter and make a hole in the center that will hold 2 eggs.

Break your eggs into the center, sprinkle the whole thing with freshly ground black pepper and some luscious coarse sea salt such as Sel de Guerande, place a lid over the pan and gently cook until the eggs reach your desired consistency of doneness.

Top with a dollop of your favorite salsa, I used Amy's Organic Black Bean & Corn.

Weirdness factor: high. Delicious and satisfying factor: Very high.

The apples? I ate them while the eggs were cooking.

I think this pretty much covers all the food groups with the exception of dairy. Drink a glass of milk.

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  1. It works for me, and I don't even think you're weird at all.

  2. I believe I've had grits and eggs, so I can see the possibilities with steel cut oats. As for the salsa...why not? I love catsup on my scrambled eggs, and salsa has tomatoes, just like weirdness factor is now down to pretty much zero!!! Bon Appetit!

  3. Looks good you are making me feel hungry now.

  4. I see nothing weird whatsoever about this breakfast. Now, if you had left out the salsa... that would have been weird!
    You could call this Huevos Escocia (huevos rancheros with a hint of Scotland (the 'porridge'))

  5. You're sweet, Kalyn!

    Hi Cyn, Well it seemed pretty weird to me, but when you put it that way... :)

    Hi Anne, Hope you are well.

    I love the name! May I steal it?

  6. looks like you covered everything on one plate~I love this idea! whatever it takes to get the job done, breakfast ,that is.......

  7. I've got to do a brunch reccipe soon. I like the idea of salsa. And a weirdness factor appeals to me...

    Good one, Christine.

  8. One of my Friday morning breakfast buddies always has oatmeal and a side of scrambled egg beaters. Normally he puts salsa on the eggs - but one time he accidentally put it on the oatmeal, decided to eat it, and added the eggs to the mix. He then declared to all of us who were watching with horrified faces that it really was quite good. And now someone else has done the same thing! Small world.

  9. One of my uber-healthy coworkers makes herself a bowl of oatmeal with blobs of egg beaters in it in the microwave here at work. I always thought that was pretty gross, but now that I see someone else can vouch for its yumminess, I may try it. I eat oatmeal and egg whites for breakfast almost every morning anyway, so I might as well just combine them to spice things up! Did your oatmeal have any seasoning in it before you dumped it in with your eggs?


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