Sunday, June 17, 2007

Bounty From The Farmers Market

The Arcata Farmers Market is in full swing this month, bringing beautiful, organic produce from farms and farmers all over the north coast.

Ever had a tayberry? Fresh from yesterday's market, these are a luscious cross between a blackberry and a raspberry.

Since I don't seem to have much luck growing them in my foggy garden, I rely on inland truck farmers to keep me supplied with all kinds of summer squashes.

Ahhh, Claudia's garlic! These are a variety called China Rose and it doesn't get much better than this.

Claudia also grows and packages herb blends such as the one I posted here, as well as lots of other produce on her Orleans ranch.

I know that fava beans made their rounds on many food blogs earlier this spring but we live in northern climes and the favas are just coming in from the truck gardens these days. I really have got to plant some this fall. They make a great cover crop as well as being plain delicious.

That's it for now. I've got enough veggies to keep me busy cooking for a few days. Posts coming.

The cute little icon at the top of the page is from Alanna of A Veggie Venture. Click here if you are a farmers market shopper and would like to use it.

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  1. Look at all of those cute little squashes!
    And the berries! And favas!
    What a lovely market!

  2. Lovely photos! I like your Farmers Market. Mine sucks. I'd love to shop in yours (and take pics too). ;-)

  3. Your market looks just wonderful. I didn't make it this weekend, but I'm looking forward to the Ferry Building market.

  4. What a lovely market. Your tayberries look like what we would call loganberries. Also when you mentioned fava beans before I wondered what they were we call them broad beans. I am just hoping when I get to France in about 2 weeks time I'll be able to visit some nice markets. I think we'll probably be eating fruit until it comes out our ears!! Great photos Christine, have you ever heard of wineberries, they look very similar to raspberries. Amazing how many different fruit there are.

  5. After securing extra-large eggs I went for the cherries, last Saturday, then radishes and red beets, plus plants. I planted some squashes, though I guess I should have talked to you first. My big problem so far has been not the fog but banana slugs. That's what happens when you are a novice gardener!
    Fava beans and pecorino cheese: a perfect pairing. I guess hard goat cheese will work as well.

  6. Such fresh ingredients are always inspiring.

  7. Our cups truly runneth over ... great introduction to your farmers market. I wonder how many people visit the markets and farm stands and all the places where we find fresh produce ... (Hi, Blush!)

  8. Katie,
    I'll have to wait another week, but I plan to take many photos of our beloved farmers market for another post.
    This weekend I'll be meeting up with Kalyn at the SF Ferry Building Farmers Market. Joy!!

    Sorry your market sucks. Will it get better as the summer progresses?

    Hi Kalyn,
    I look forward to meeting you (finally!) in a few days.

    Hello there Anne,
    I've not heard of wineberries and now I'm curious. Tayberries were actually bred in Scotland. They're bigger than loganberries.

    Hi Simona,
    I'll be preparing my favas tonight and will try our local Midnight Moon goat cheese with them.
    Take heart about the zucchini. Maybe yours will do better than mine.

    Hi Cynthia,
    Thanks for stopping by. I'd love to see photos of farmers markets in the Caribbean.

    Hello Alanna,
    Thanks for stopping by. And thanks so much for giving food bloggers that lovely blushing tomato! I don't know about the rest of the world, but our local farmers markets are always full of shoppers. Ditto the SF farmers market and the Saturday one in Davis. They're not only shopping venues, but socializing venues as well. I love talking to the farmers and learning more about how they bring such bounty to us each week.

  9. I am finally seeing the fruits from my garden, and found an enormous zucchini hiding beneath the dinosaur-size leaves a couple days. Where did THIS come from??? Don't remember seeing it the day before!!!
    They can really get away from you if you are keeping an eagle eye out for them!

  10. Oh, Christine~I am so jealous-you have all these gorgeous veggies at your finger-tips!I see you will be eating well for the next few days! How wonderful to have a garden...period!Your photos are absolutely mouth-watering!

  11. I am so looking forward to coming across those tayberries! Those must be a wonderful taste!
    Wonderful squash and wow for the garlic!

  12. Hi Cyn, I hope you stuffed it!

    Thanks so much. My garden is limping along. I hope to have a greenhouse up before too long, then I'll have tomatoes!

    Hi Tanna,
    I see you've been in Europe, you lucky gal! I wish I could send some Tayberries to all of you.


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