Wednesday, August 9, 2006

My New Victorinox Tomato Knife

Inspired by Sher's tomato sandwich and Kalyn's heirloom tomatoes, and feeling sorry for myself that I had neither, I happily stumbled upon a display full of mixed heirloom tomatoes at our local Co-op for just $3.49 a pound and bought some immediately.
The minute I got them home I washed a huge green and pink tomato, pulled out my new tomato knife, some good whole wheat bread, a jar of mayonnaise, the Maldon Sea Salt and some arugula and BAM! I was in tomato sandwich heaven - At last.

This post, while certainly relating to tomatoes, is more about the knife with which I cut them. I know I don't plug kitchen tools very much on this blog (at least not without ending up with egg on my face), but when I find a tool that works nicely, I'll certainly tell you about it. So, while in Ashland last week in the kitchen section of an emporium-style store, I spied a Victorinox tomato knife, all sealed up tight in its plastic sleeve, sporting a $6.95 price tag.
Victorinox makes the infamous Swiss Army Knife, of which I am a proud owner. (I have the big one with all the blades and the corkscrew plus the toothpick and the tweezers, all still intact after more than 20 years.)
How could I go wrong buying a rather small, very lightweight, very inexpensive, single purpose knife? Turns out I couldn't. This little gem really works. It makes beautiful tomato slices quickly and easily. I know there are fancier, more expensive tomato knives on the market, and I haven't tried any of them so I can't discuss their merits but for my money, this little tomato knife gives a great big bang for bucks well spent.


  1. Count me as one of those people who get very excited over a good knife. And I have a Swiss Army Knife too. My husband bought it for me years ago as an anniversary present and all my friends were amazed I loved it so much. And tomatoes derserve their own knife, yes they do! The picture of the BEAUTIFULLY SLICED heirlooms look delicious--now go have another sandwich! And thanks for the shout out!:)

  2. Thanks Sher. We had tomato sandwiches for dinner last night. I'm going to roast a bunch of romas a la Kalyn's recipe this weekend. I'm on a roll!

  3. I have a knife almost the same made by Sabatier and I didn't know it was specifically for tomatoes, I am certainly going to try it out on some tomatoes. I normally use it while travelling in France as it cuts bread well. I enjoy your blogs Christine.

  4. Hello there Anne, Good to hear from you from across the Pond. It sounds like your Sabatier may indeed be a tomato knife and if so, good for you! Enjoy it slicing tomatoes as well as slicing good French bread, which I miss, by the way!


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