Saturday, August 19, 2006

La Boqueria Market, Barcelona

I was reading through the lovely Nerissa's blog the other day about her recent travels in Europe when one of her many and beautiful photos, a table of farmers market veggies, reminded me of the photos Clay and I took of a covered marketplace we discovered by happenstance just off the Rambla in Barcelona last fall.

Throughout our 6-week trip through The Netherlands, France and Spain, we delighted in finding wonderful sights, fantastic architecture, surprise works of art, restaurants, humble chapels, you-name-it, just by walking and following our eyes; through a sculpted archway, down a narrow alley, or into an inviting courtyard.
Mercat Boqueria at 91 Las Ramblas, Barcelona was one of those serendipitous discoveries. To me, this was the ultimate in displays of food porn. See it for yourself (and forgive the yellow-ish cast in many of these photos, the lighting was non-optimum) and enjoy.
Throngs of people in every aisle.



Fresh veggies

Incredible fruit displays

Papayas and ?? (anyone know?)

More funghi

So much candy (I did NOT eat any!)

More fruit

Fish and their heads

The three little pigs, really! Click on photo to enlarge. That's me approaching this display, not quite believing my eyes yet.

A very long aisle of fish.

The End. For Now.


  1. Very fun. I'm jealous. I'd love to go there.

  2. I'm jealous too! That fruit display looks incredible.

  3. Hi Kalyn and Catherine,
    The whole market was an incredible find. I could have stayed there the entire day. Plus there were some restaurants inside that I would have loved to try, but the lines were long. We were in Barcelona only 3 days - so little time to see and do everything one would like!

  4. You should definitely compare prices, they change and are sometimes quite different from each other. Some old stores in Barcelona just have higher prices for their good name. if you want to buy some ham or meat, I can recommend a little place: if you come into the market from the Rambla go more or less to the left end of the hall, I got really good prices there. E.g. for a Fuet around 4 Euro, some Chorizos for ~6 Euro/kg. There are others where you pay easily 2 or 3 Euro more.

  5. A visit to the Market of la Boqueria in Barcelona is advisable to enjoy an incredible contrast between colors and activity, ideal to discover why Mediterranean cuisine is internationally known due to its ingredients. The best products from Catalonia in one place. Perfect. La Boqueria covers the market: Barcelona's famous food market is an integral part of the city's life. When you go there from some Barcelona hotels, bring your appetite, and your camera’ | “You can hear the roar of the crowd as you approach. It's not unlike the sound of walking through the tunnel and out into the stands at a ball game, complete with goose bumps.


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