Friday, July 7, 2006

Test Results Are In, And The Winner Is . . .

But first, let me wipe the egg off my face.

Because the KitchenAid performed better than I thought it would in comparison to my new Sunbeam. And now I'm embarrassed that I dissed it so badly.

After putting my new Sunbeam mixer through the hoops of creaming butter and sugar to a fluffy, pale yellow state of cloud-light readiness (cookies anyone?), which it did admirably, I then pitted it against my mighty KitchenAid Artisan Mixer to show you the superiority of the Sunbeam's butter-creaming ability. During which, in the name of full disclosure, I took photos. Here are the results:

The butter on the left plate was processed in the KitchenAid Artisan Mixer, the one on the right, in the Sunbeam Stand Mixer. After being so sure (and with an admittedly cocky attitude) that Sunny-Boy would prevail, I have to admit that the Hunk (that's the KitchenAid) actually turned out a lighter, fluffier and whiter creamed butter - by just a smidge.
I still had to work harder to get the Hunk's superior results. Just as I stated yesterday, I had to stop the machine, lower the bowl and scrape the contents up from the bottom of the bowl to get them to incorporate into the whole - numerous times. This is probably what had colored my overall dissatisfaction with the Hunk in the past. Sunny-Boy, however, did all the work by itself even though it took about one and 1/2 minutes longer to achieve results.

And I'm beginning to feel and sound like a Cooks Illustrated article, so I'm going to end this quickly. Suffice it to say, instead of throwing the KitchenAid across the kitchen, as if I could, it and my new Sunbeam will live happily side by side, doing the jobs for which they are best suited. And I will never dis the Hunk again.

Now, where is my recipe for Crow Pie?