Friday, July 21, 2006

Weekend Herb Blogging


I love my nasturtiums. They come up every year all by their little selves, covering fence posts, climbing up walls and creating beautiful backgrounds for garden scenes around the property. I use their peppery leaves in salads and place whole flowers as a garnish on top of salads and tucked around grilled chicken or fish, to name just a few uses.
Wikipedia shows links for almost 80 varieties of nasturtiums. Check them out for your viewing and educational enjoyment. And Linda Gilbert at Sally's Place has an in-depth article on them as well as a recipe for Nasturtium Mayonnaise that I'm going to try as an accompaniment to grilled salmon.
Please forgive the lack of cooking and recipes lately; my days have been fully occupied with weeding and gardening this week. I'll be back in the kitchen soon. In the meantime, Weekend Herb Blogging is being hosted this week by Paz over at The Cooking Adventures of Chef Paz. Started by Salt Lake City food blogger Kalyn of Kalyn's Kitchen, Weekend Herb Blogging has become a very popular event, with entries from food bloggers around the globe.
Now I'm going to get cooking!


Kalyn said...

I haven't tasted these, but I love the idea of eating flowers and I've heard they are tasty.

You need to get cooking and I need to get weeding and gardening. My garden is a mess.

christine said...

Hi Kalyn,
I came across an idea to stuff nasturtium flowers with guacamole which sounds so intriguing that I'm going to try it this weekend.

paz said...

The first time I heard about nasturtium was when I blogged about another flower sometime ago. Another blogger pointed out a nasturtium vinegar recipe to me. Perhaps it may be of interest to you. Here is the link.

How nice you have this in your garden. I love the vibrant color.


Paz said...

Oops! I posted the wrong link for the Nasturtium Vinegar. Sorry about that. Let's try again. Here it is.

sher said...

I love them too Christine. Your photo is wonderful, as always. Do you think nasturtiums do better where you live now? They seem to get exhausted here in the Central Valley. I found that they grow much better in the Midwest.

christine said...

Paz, Thanks for the link. When I get a plethora of nasturtium blossoms, I'll try making the vinegar.

I used to grow nasturtiums in Winters and they did fairly well until it got too hot, then they collapsed. They grow very well up here and can (and do) climb all over the place.
Stay cool!