Thursday, July 13, 2006

Weekend Cat Blogging

We're leaving tonight for another five days on the road and I won't be cooking or blogging during that time so I thought I'd leave you with a photo of the "gray beasties", who will be "taking care" of the house while I'm gone - in their own special way...
During my absense, go over to Eatstuff, where Clare holds court on Weekend Cat Blogging, as cute a round-up as you'll ever see. And check out Sher's What Did You Eat? blog where I'm sure will soon be another photo of and philosophical comment by Upsie.

My "girls" are littermate sisters, 14 months old, named Sybil (white snip on nose) and Lillith. A year ago May, I went to our local Safeway and never made it into the store. Waylaid by two children, sitting outside the store next to a box of kittens, who told me their uncle said they couldn't come home until all the kittens were given away. These two were the last females left and I couldn't resist. Now they rule the house and completely charm us everyday with their antics. This photo was taken as they were looking longingly at the great outdoors through a window. It's the only way I could get them to hold still for the camera.