Friday, May 19, 2006

Back to Beach Night: A Leftovers Dinner with Friends

Last Wednesday we had our first Beach Night of the season - actually on the beach. Although we were few in numbers, it made the outing that much sweeter - enjoying our friends Annie and Bruce as we do, having them all to ourselves for an evening on the beach was delightful.

And in the spirit of dinner on the beach, our food fare was simple and portable. Although I did make MOJITOS! which were fully appreciated and readily dispatched. I adapted the recipe from and will share it with you here, as soon as I make another batch and photograph it.
Taking George Stella's recipe for deviled eggs to a higher level, I added smoked trout, fried capers, and the sauce from canned chipotles in adobo. WOW! Please do try this recipe. I think it's a winner. Plus, deviled eggs are very easy to make: hard boil the eggs the evening before, assemble them in the morning and take them out of the fridge for dinner.

And, Kalyn, I made coleslaw using your wonderful buttermilk-mayonnaise dressing. It was fantastic. I added wasabi, as was suggested by Anna at Cookie Madness, which was a terrific touch. I also added toasted pecans just before serving which added another dimension of crunch. And if I'd had them on hand, I would have added a small bag of frozen pettit peas into the mix, giving them enough time to thaw before serving. That's for another time.

Using leftovers from the night before to which I added some grilled corn cut from the cob, we wrapped them in a foil packet and heated it in the fire, then placed the mixture onto a hot, locally produced Brio roll and bit into a blissfully juicy, tasty, hot sandwich that was perfect for a rather cold and foggy evening.

Was it a perfect Beach Night? Well, we could have had a spectacular sunset and I'm sure there was one, somewhere. And the rest of the gang could have been there, but they'll be back. All in all it was a lovely evening, to which the photos attest.
Good night!


  1. The food looks wonderful, I need the food, the drink and the beach!!

  2. Oh dear, Anne. Sounds like life is a bit stressful for you. I do hope it gets better.


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