Sunday, July 13, 2008

Just For Fun...

There is yet another cherry clafoutis coming (tis the season, after all), but I'm so intrigued with settings on my camera that I didn't know existed and playing in PhotoShop, that I can't help but post these in the meantime.

Black and white. My little camera. Who knew?

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  1. I love your cherries photo! Makes me want some cherries now. ;-) Cool B&W shot.


  2. We should all play more! Great photos.

  3. Great pix.

    Okay, the next lesson is sephia with an instamatic border.

    Are you ready for the challange?

  4. Thank you Paz and Tanna.

    Okay Mr. Orph, I give, what's an instamtic border? And I assume you meant sepia? That I can do. :)


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