Friday, December 21, 2007

Happy Winter Solstice

Winter officially began at 10:08 this evening on the west coast. To celebrate, we went for a walk, took this photo, had a delicious dinner at Simona's, then came home and lit a small fire outside to celebrate the turning of the season.

Happy Winter Solstice!

It won't seem like it at first, but before we know it the days will get longer; the sun will get up a few minutes earlier, setting a wee bit later. Seed catalogs will become dog-eared then window sills and greenhouses will fill with seedlings awaiting the day they can go outside and stretch in the warming sun.

How can we not celebrate?

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  1. Oh, this is marvelous! I MUST DO THIS.

    Happy Holidays!!!!!

  2. We got in from the air port about 10:30 last night and had a half glass of wine on the roof deck before turning in at 11 does that count!
    Seed catalogs are such wonderful winter entertainment I think.

  3. Sher, I've always been more pagan than mainstream. I find it so much more spiritually satisfying.
    Happy Holidays to you, too!

    Yes it does count! I think you were spot on. The Solstice was at 10:08 here, making it 11:08 in your neck of the woods, presuming you're in Texas. I expect to be poring over seed catalogs soon.

  4. I need longer days, so I like when we turn the winter solstice corner, so to speak.

  5. Happy Solstice Simona!

    Thank you so much Mimi. I'd love to show your our "front yard" someday.

  6. What a lovely photo Christine.
    Happy Holidays

  7. What a view ~ and I can't imagine how beautiful your front view must be! You are so fortunate to have such a wonderful location place to doesn't get much better than that!


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