Saturday, March 3, 2007

I Haven't Been Cooking Because ...

...My kitchen looks like a tornado hit it.

I've tried, as you can see from some recent vegan cooking
posts. But then it got too crazy. The water was off, buckets and tools were strewn all over the counters. And several times I could barely walk through the kitchen without having to step over (bump into) large, pointy and sharp objects.

So I quit trying to cook amidst all the chaos and let the time needed to my kitchen take its natural course.

It's almost done.

Then Jeff and Amy came and painted the wood trim along with doing other rooms in the downstairs for my birthday. Now there's more.

Notice the sunny yellow tiles going up with the deep cobalt trim. (Can you imagine trying to cook in this construction zone?)

The grout will be put in today tomorrow. Then I'll post a finished photo.Then I'll start cooking again.

Oooohhh!!! This is so cool!

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  1. Such an exciting project and getting so close and I know it seems so far!
    Love those yellow tiles!!! Hooray...

  2. It's going to look wonderful - very Provencal, those colors.

    What fun!

  3. How exciting. I love the bright colors!
    Can't wait to see the finished product.

  4. You lucky lady having it all done for, I'm sure it's worth the wait getting back into the gorgeous kitchen.

  5. The end results will be awesome! Yay! to when you start cooking again.

    Paz (off to check out your garden)

  6. This is progress in motion-it is wonderful and the end result will be fabulous. Pleas do share the results with us. I love all your collections throughout-it is a great area for gathering and cooking! We will bw waiting, don't worry about cooking and posting. There will be lots of time for that later!

  7. Can't wait to see the finished kitchen. It sounds so beautiful, now I want to do my kitchen!

  8. Tanna, Thanks so much. I love the yellow tiles too.

    I see my kitchen and, indeed, my whole house as being "old world country" if such a thing exists. Not sure if that phrase has already been coined!

    I hope to post a finished photo this week.

    I do consider myself to be very, very lucky!

    Thanks! I can't wait to be cooking again.
    You are so sweet for always visiting my garden blog. Love your comments!
    And I love your new heart photo.

    Thanks so much Jann. Your comments of support are greatly appreciated.

    Hello Anonymous,
    I hope you get the kitchen you want. Please let us know who you are.

  9. I think your door jams are wonderful--those curvey top pieces are amazing! Was that your idea? How clever!

  10. Hi Shane,
    Aside from the new tile, the curvey door and window trim are my favorite elements. Mr. CC (or, I guess I should say Mr. RR on this blog) did them. He's a clever guy!
    Notice that you almost don't see them in the "before painting" photo. The red really makes them pop.

  11. I was thinking about your kitcen this weekend. I LOVE the yellow and blue! It's beautiful and cheerful. Can't wait for the official photos when it's all done!

  12. It will be wonderful when it's done. I love yellow in kitchens!

  13. Oh it's even more beautiful than I imagined when you first showed me the tiles. I am gonna have to make a special trip just to visit your kitchen!

  14. Hey Sher! I can't wait for the finished photo either. It's taking a bit longer than expected. I have to keep telling myself, "Patience, Grasshopper." :))

    Hi there Katie,
    YOUR kitchen is the coolest! Plus it's in France!!
    I'm glad you like mine though.

    Okay People, this really IS my sister Cynthia, whom I call Cyndee-paws.
    Welcome to my blog!! Aren't the tiles stunning? And you should see the upstairs tub surround - it's still in progress, but so gorgeous!
    Come on over anytime!

  15. Christine,
    I knew I liked you for many reasons. I have always painted every kitchen I have lived in yellow with blue accents. Enjoy!


  16. I must be so much fun to remodel your kitchen (aside from not actually being able to cook in it for a while)! I love the large yellow tiles. Can't wait to see the finished photo.

  17. Thank you so much Karletta. I can imagine how delightful it would be to have hot chocolate and conversation with you in your kitchen!

    The finishing of the remodel has been years in progress, or lack thereof. (We just kept finding other things to do with our time.)
    Having our son come up to do the finishing has been the greatest thing ever.
    I still don't have "finished" photos yet, because it's not quite done. Jeffrey will be back next week for 10 days and will finish up the tiling and the painting. Then I'll have more photos to show off!

  18. How gorgeous your kitchen is looking. It looks so warm and cuddly and the colour scheme is perfect! I love it!


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