Monday, October 29, 2012

The Old Wedgewood Ain't What She Used to Be; The New Thermador Cooktop Is All That and More!

Although the installation is not quite finished, my sister Cynthia asked for photos of my new cooktop so I am obliging her wishes.  As you may notice, the cabinetry around the oven is not finished, but will be soon.

This 5-burner cooktop by Thermador has a btu range of 400 to 18,000. It totally rocks. And I am totally smitten.

See the brown scorch on the wall behind the cooktop?  That was made over the years by my beloved old Wedgewood stove, which went from zero to 500-degrees in 60 seconds flat, and which, even with its idiosyncrasies, I had a hard time parting with.

But time it was; either the house would burn down or we would get a new stove.  We opted for the stove.

A brushed stainless steel plate will cover the wall behind the cooktop, making it all pretty and professional looking.

And yes, I am cooking but haven't been up and running, or at home, long enough to post a recipe.

This will be remedied.

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  1. I love my Thermador. I bet you will love this!

  2. Congratulations, Christine! It looks like a beauty. I'm craving an AGA, but I won't be getting one anytime soon.

    I look forward to recipes...

  3. Oh Christine it is a beauty and couldn't have found a better home. Your stove will be well-used and well-loved! -- seester Cyn

  4. Congratulations and enjoy!

  5. How pretty.... Congratulations! So exciting to get a new toy! Look forward to great things.


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