Monday, March 19, 2012

Jade Chocolates: My New BFF

 Tart dried green mangoes, spicy lime-chili rub, flecks of gray sea salt, all atop dark, bitter-sweet, perfectly bite-sized chocolate tiles. Oh, my.

One bite and I was smitten.

I bought a box, shared them with friends, then had to leave San Francisco the next morning to drive home.  No time to buy more.

A week went by. Cravings set in.  I prowled their web site to no avail. (Well, she had told me they wouldn't be posted for a few weeks yet, now hadn't she?)

 And then...  And then..., there they were. I couldn't submit the order quickly enough; my fingers tumbling all over the keyboard in my haste.

Within a few days they arrived on our doorstep and Mr CC brought them in; wrapped in a nondescript brown shipping box, he had no idea what he was holding (heh, heh).

Yes, I share them. But sparingly, people, sparingly.

Jade Chocolates is an award-winning, San Francisco based business run by Mindy Fong, owner and chocolatier, and one very nice person. Do read her bio and check out the rest of the chocolates she creates by blending superior chocolate with teas and spices from Asia and the Pacific Islands.

If you wanted to, and I whole-heartedly encourage you to do so, you can order these lovely mango delights at Jade Chocolates right now and take advantage of their special price.  I think they will make your tongue very, very happy.

Full disclosure: I did not receive a request to review this product, nor have I received any remuneration for doing so. Sometimes I just want to give a shout out.

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  1. Perhaps if I handcuff my arms behind my back and sit on the computer I can reframe from an order of these. I must you know because other wise the wallet would shrink and the waist expand out of proportion ;-)

  2. I hear you, Tanna. I let myself have one per week so they will last.

  3. ooh my,...You are so right: your tongue would be very, very happy!

    What a unique combination of great & tasty flavours! hahahahahahahha:)

  4. One per week!?!?!?

    I might be able to do one per day.... or maybe one per half day. I seem to be losing my willpower when it comes to good chocolate.... And I don't buy bad chocolate

  5. These would not last very long around my house~we are chocoholics here! What a wonderful find!


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