Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Farmers Market Fruits; Kitchen Counter Still Life with Sunrise

Sunday morning after a Saturday farmers market; early morning sunlight just beginning to come through the kitchen window. How could I not take a photo?

Coming soon . . . A few recipes from over the summer that I somehow didn't find the time to post.

Now I'm going to make the time.

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  1. And that's how it is...the freshest

  2. I love buying fresh produce from several markets!!

    I always go on Sundays at the mult cultural market in Brussels, at the South Station. I love the atmosphere!

    Thanks, my holiday was great! My batteries are charged again! Thanks for asking!

  3. Thanks Garlic Boss.

    Hi Sophie. I'm so glad that your holiday recharged you! That's just what they're supposed to do. I'll be visiting your blog often.

  4. Hello Christine, about the Fairy floss: you just have to click on the at word & you will find the answer. Those words are links!

    So, here is the website. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pashmak

    It is qiute sweet. It originates from Iran. It is like threads of wool,..

  5. Thanks Sophie. I'll check it out.

  6. We were thinking alike, Christine.

    I took a counter still life shot yesterday when I got home from the farm market.

    It will be posted soon.

    But I like yours better!

  7. Dear Christine,

    I just gave you an award!! Why? You can read about it @ my latest post on my foodblog!!

  8. Christine, I am not trying to compete with you, but CSA stuff was so colorful I had to take more photos! I am using mine to create an "eat local" flyer for the farm markets.

  9. Competition never crossed my mind, Mimi. When a good photo presents itself, it would be a shame to not take it and an even greater shame not to share it! I have a photo of sunlight behind golden grass that reminds me of the one you took with water grasses in front of a lake and the sun going down. I thought I shouldn't post mine because it's a bit like yours. Silly me. I should share it with you!

  10. That morning light really adds an irresistable glow doesn't it? I love your blue bottle collection by the way. So pretty! And thanks for dropping by my blog. : )

  11. Thank YOU for visiting, Lisa. The morning light is especially lovely this time of year as all too soon winter will set in, the sun will move further south and won't come through the kitchen window at all until next spring. Got to savor it now.


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