Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Best Lick Ice Cream Contest 2008

To my readers: I've entered the Best Lick! Ice Cream Contest 2008 over at The Kitchn. My entry, Basil Infused Ginger and Cinnamon Ice Cream, was one I dreamed up as Mr CC and I were returning home from our recent trip to Portland where he had enjoyed a basil-infused, lemon martini. I couldn't wait to get home and infuse basil into something delicious. Then I saw the ice cream contest...
Basil, cinnamon and ginger all remind me of Thai-Asian cooking. Put those ingredients into a slightly sweet, cream custard, freeze it and then cool your palate with a scoop after enjoying your favorite hot and spicy Thai dish. It's heavenly.
You can find my recipe here. I'd love to know what you think. If you like what you see, cast a vote for me. You can see all the luscious ice cream entries by scrolling down below my entry.
Ice Cream season isn't over by a long shot. I've got more recipes up my sleeve and you'll see them here soon.

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  1. Delicious-sounding and looking. I'm off to vote!


  2. Sorry, I am late. Hectic week and more of the same on the horizon. I'll go there to vote.

  3. Thank you Paz!

    Hi Simona, my week has been crazy too, as you can tell by the dearth of posts. Thanks for voting!

  4. Sounds tasty

  5. I like the idea of that flavour you came up with.

  6. Sorry I was traveling and didn't get to vote. This sounds really fascinating. Once upon a time I thought I didn't like ginger but now I'm a huge fan.
    I'd have voted this one Best Lick!!

  7. Oh my word, Christine! Who but you could concoct this delicious fusion of flavors?

    I may have to start making ice cream...


  8. Hi Anne and Cynthia and thanks for your comments.

    Tanna and Mimi, I'm glad you like the ice cream. I love making ice cream and should do it more. I just keep forgetting to make the custard ahead of time.

  9. Now, that is one inspired ice cream. It sounds enticing!


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