Friday, February 29, 2008

Cilantro For Kalyn

I told my friend Kalyn today that I had a surprise for her. Her immediate reaction was, Am I coming to Salt Lake? More's the pity that I am not, as visiting with her would be such a lot of fun. That will have to be for another time.

I hope that this photo of a tiny volunteer cilantro plant that I happened upon in my garden this afternoon will suffice. I do believe that Kalyn loves cilantro more than anyone I know and as soon as I saw this little gem, already several inches tall, in February for heaven's sake, I knew I would post it - just for her.

Winter seems to have turned a corner in my part of the world. And even though it has just started to rain (again), it's softer, gentler, more spring-like. A rain that the daffoldils, narcissus and new green leaves drink in and to which the frogs sing their praises.

Cook's Notes:
I actually have a few recipes to post. Soon.

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  1. How delightful Christine! I'm thinking I might love cilantro almost as much as Kalyn. I like the cilantro as a sign of spring even better than a daffoldil!

  2. How absolutely fantastic. I've never heard of volunteer cilantro, let alone in February. I think this may be one of those mystical signals about the success of your upcoming garden!

    Tanna is right, there are probably people who love cilantro as much as I do, they are just a bit more restrained in swooning over it! (I did have something for lunch today that had cilantro and it was wonderful!)

    And we do need to get working on that trip to Salt Lake. Great luck that you can fly here easily now.

  3. Hope you are feeling better Christine? Cilantro or coriander as I have always called it is one of my favourite smells that reminds me of my childhood in East Africa My husband is not keen on it but I love it. I use it whenever I can.

  4. You're right Tanna. Cilantro and swallows: the true harbingers of spring.

    I hope you're right about the mystical signal that my garden will do well this year, Kalyn. I'm still not able to get out and do as much as I would like (darned flu!) but I'm determined that the garden will produce prolifically this summer. And the greenhouse will be full of tomatoes, peppers, basil and eggplants.
    Glad you like your surprise!

    I am feeling somewhat better Anne, but I still have lingering symptoms. Tiredness, coughing and headaches being the worse. Arrrg! I want my old self back!
    How are you and your family?

  5. I bought some cilantro seeds in the US. I thought, maybe if I grow it myself in my own garden I might like it... We'll see.
    I had enough winter in MN to last me another 10 years!

  6. Katie, If you are going to grow cilantro for the first time, might I suggest that you don't plant too much of it in one spot. If it gets warm in the summer where you live, the smell from the essential oils can almost knock you over.
    I know what you mean about enough winter. I'm sick of the rain. We've had enough, thank you!

  7. Wow! I have been craving cilantro recently. There is nothing volunteering here, I am afraid.

    I did hear a cardinal yesterday and a mourning dove today. Good signs.

  8. that looks so cute! I planted some mint in my garden this year and I'm so excited to see them growing up!:)


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