Thursday, August 16, 2007

Another Mini-Break . . .

. . . and then I'll be back to blogging. There's so much going on in my world right now that I've been on hiatus from both cooking and blogging. I'm still reading all my favorite bloggers, though it's through my rss feed. So if I don't leave as many comments, please know I haven't forgotten you.

See you in September. :)

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  1. Have a safe and fun time!

    Paz xxoo

  2. Hope it's a good kind of busy and not just too much work!

  3. Have fun Christine.

  4. Thank you Paz, Kalyn and Anne. It's a good kind of busy that involves some travel, starting back to work after a lazy summer, and needing to get the garden, house and barn ready for winter.
    All that plus the requisite "re-grouping" need that I encounter from time to time.
    See you soon.

  5. What a perfect phrase, need to re-group!
    I've been too hot to cook for much, so I think I'll just figure I'm re-grouping a little here and there. Take care.

  6. Enjoy your break. We'll all be right here when you return.

  7. I'm back and now you are gone~ but not from my thoughts! Thanks so much for your email and wondering where in the world I was-happy travels and we will wait to read all about this special time when you return!

  8. Hi Catherine! Thanks!

    Thank you also, Tanna and Cynthia.

    Jann, So glad to have you back!!

    To all my blogger friends,
    I'm actually home now, but have started working after being off for the summer and it's VERY hectic right now. So I'm still officially on a blogging break until next week when I've promised myself to start posting again.
    Thanks for your continued support.


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