Saturday, May 5, 2007

Why I Link To Products

... and a bit of my philosophy on the subject.

For anyone who reads my blog with any regularity, it's obvious that I do a lot of product linking.

I'd like to explain why but first, a little backstory:

This blog was originally started for my grown boys who for years had been encouraging me to write down my recipes in a family cookbook.

I made several attempts to carry out their wishes in book format, but it didn't work for me. Then, thanks to my brother-in-law, Devan, I discovered blogging and that was that -- I'd found my medium.

So, keeping the whole family thing in mind, here is my explanation of why I use product links:

Quite simply, I link to products that I use in my kitchen. I link to these products, or to cool products I've discovered, so my family and friends can find them to use in their own kitchens if they so choose. I do not seek remuneration for these links nor have I ever been asked to link to any of these products for monetary reward.

Occasionally, I am asked to review a cookbook which I happily do with the caveat that I am under no obligation to write a post about it or put a link to it on my blog unless I choose to do so.

Occasionally, I receive requests to review a kitchen gadget or product and my answer is always the same: I would be happy to do so if I am sent the gadget/product in question, but I clearly state that I will be under no obligation to post it on my blog unless I choose to do so. I am very nice about this, but firm in my resolve.

Now all this is not to say that I don't love to review cookbooks, products and kitchen gadgets. I do. I wouldn't mind being paid for it either. But I am very careful about not compromising my position, in that I write my blog for myself, my family and my friends and, in using product links, am not pandering for commercial gain. If this ever changes, you will be the first to know of it.

As can be seen on my sidebar, I have links to AdSense, which is run by Google. Viewers can click on these links and purchase products if they wish. Sales that result from clicking through my blog, also result in me receiving a small percentage of the sale of the product. I have no control over the content of these AdSense links.

In the not-too-distant future, I will be placing a link on my sidebar to my Amazon store. This virtual store will have a listing of products that I use and endorse. Viewers interested in buying a product can click through to my store and make a purchase which, again, will result in my receiving a small percentage of that sale.

Both AdSense and Amazon are win-win partnerships for bloggers. Everything is up front, there is no hidden agenda; a method which I fully support.

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  1. I look forward to seeing what you endorse, Christine. :D Bravo for you not caving into people wanting automatic reviews of products you try.

  2. Oh my goodness, Nerissa! How wonderful to hear from you!!!!

  3. It must be quite hard work running your blog and putting it all together so if you reap a small reward for people using your links I'm all for it. Long may you carry on your blog.

  4. I have no problem with linking either. I'm like you. I have lots of family/friends, too, who are like "Now what was that you were talking about?" and occasionally get asked to review products. I'm happy to provide links for others. Makes me feel good about sharing things I like.

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  6. Kir,
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