Wednesday, April 18, 2007

My Life At The Moment

Lest anyone thinks I've fallen off the face of the earth, I haven't.

As with many things in spring, gardens need tending, animals need surgeries (what?), taxes need doing, and a house needs putting in order after several months of painting and tile work. I'm still here. Eating simply and tending to the needs of things and critters around me.

I do have a few recipes waiting in the wings - I used the remainder of the Blue Squash to make a filling for Stuffed Mexican Hat Pasta and then used the remainder of that filling to make another delicious soup with roasted asparagus and crab. If that doesn't have you drooling, wait until you try the Mediterranean Red Pepper Sauce I whipped up recently.

As for the animal surgeries: my 17-year old calico cat was whisked (by me) to Sacramento this past Saturday where veterinarian son Josh operated on her lower eyelids which had turned in and were causing her a great deal of pain. She's recovering quite well and is warm and cozy here in my office.

Clown dog, Skip, presented me with an hugely swollen muzzle when I returned from the valley on Sunday which has been determined to be an abcess that will be lanced this week. He's currently on meds and even with a fever acts like everything in the world is so very groovy and "do you wanna play? Now?"

One last thing. I know I haven't been visiting my blogger friends lately (you know who you are) but I want you to know that all of you are in my rss reader and I see what you're cooking up daily. My life should return to somewhat normal soon and I look forward to "seeing" all of you in person.

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  1. I'm glad to hear all is well with you as you help your pets recuperate. That's stressful, but it seems Skip has the right attitude to keep everything even-keeled and light-hearted! I can't wait to see your Mediterranean Red Pepper Sauce.

  2. Sometimes we just have to take a step back to preserve our own well-being. Spring kind of explodes with chores, doesn't it?
    Relax and enjoy yourself.... I love red pepper sauces...
    Glad the pets are on the mend.

  3. Shane, Skip does indeed have the right attitude and, actually, my 17 yr old cat is recovering so well, she's truly amazing!

    Katie, I seem to be doing a lot of "stepping back" these days. Guess I need it.
    I had to laugh at myself after re-reading this post: "normal life" is an oxymoron around around here!

  4. I can relate to this post, I'm doing well to find time to cook let alone write about it! Does sound like you've had some tasty treats!

  5. Glad you're back and glad your cat and Skip are doing much better.

    Sending good thoughts to you,
    Paz xxoo

  6. I can identify, Christine.

    I'm also happy to hear the pets are on the mend. I've been very concerned about animals lately, what with all the pet food stuff going on.

    I've been having an awful time finding time to blog lately, too.

  7. Pleased to hear you are ok Christine.

  8. David,
    I've got some tasty leftovers to post about, maybe I'll get in on LOT next week!

    You're so sweet. Both cat and dog are home and recuperating nicely. I'll give them a hug from you!

    My time has been so consumed catching up with the things I DON'T do because I'm blogging, I've decided I simply must back off a little and make room for the rest of the world!

  9. Glad you are ok. I'm going through a bit of a rough time at work and haven't even been reading my rss feeds all week. I'm hoping to catch up on them this weekend. And I must cook something soon because all my draft posts are just about used up.

  10. I guess I'm in the same boat. My reading is way behind and I'm blank on posts for an age now. Looking for something soon from myself - just need another 24 hours in the day.

  11. You do have better reasons than I - glad the pet humans are recovering. Loved Skip, dogs are so incredible the way they can play when it would seem I'd be laid out & whimpering.

  12. Kalyn,
    I hope things smooth out at work soon. I don't know what your rough time is about but, working in a school myself, I know that as the school year winds down, the work load increases as one needs to dot all i's and cross all t's, and then get it all into the district office on time!

    Maybe this is something that happens each spring? I've been hearing about it all around the blogosphere. I say let's just run with it. I can't blog every single day of the year without some other part of my life suffering because of it.


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