Sunday, September 3, 2006

Making a Few Changes. Back Soon

I'm working on upgrades to my blog. Adding a long overdue blogroll, moving things around a bit and, hopefully, putting my post section back into alignment. Have you noticed how skewed it is? Yes, the tech-challenged cook is learning a thing or two and hopefully will have a few changes in place before the end of the loooong weekend. In the meantime, there is no end to the photos I shoot everyday and post on my garden blog, Raven Ridge Gardens. Ever seen a banana slug?


  1. Will be waitng to see what you are doing with the new blog stuff.....slugs,yee gads! I lived in Washington state. We had 'em....I sprinkled them! Can't wait to see what you are up to....happy cooking...

  2. I can't wait to see what you do, Christine, seeing that we use the same blog template.

    Even with the same template though, I think out blogs look very different, both in a good way.

    In these last few weeks, I have come to appreciate the importance of good photographs on food blogs.

  3. That should be "our," not "out."

    I need a good proefer...

  4. Oh dear. I may have led you to believe major changes would be happening. I'm just not that talented! I'm adding a blogroll, shifting my google ads around and re-centering my post pages, which for some reason have become skewed to the left. Nothing more than that. What I really need is a benevolent web designer! I'm a real doofus when it comes to tinkering with html.
    Thanks to you both for checking in.


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