Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Food Blog Encounters - 1

I don't often get the time to cruise the food blogging community to see who's out there and what they're writing about. It's a shame because there are so very many great writers and cooks who blog. I have tremendous respect and admiration for these people and can only aspire to their creativity, both in the kitchen and as a writer. So I've decided to put effort into more "cruising" and every once in a while I'll share with you a few of the food blogs that I've encountered.

First, a few notes: I'm not particularly html-savvy so this isn't going to be very fancy-schmancy - with photos and all - just links and descriptions. Second, when you click on a link it will take you away from my post page. If you wish to return to my page, please click on your BACK button. Third, why the corn photo? Maybe the myriad kernels represent the whopping number of food bloggers on the Net. Maybe I just like it.

This morning I made the rounds of some of my favorite sites:

Susan and Cary at Farm Girl Fare always make me smile and sometimes cry. Theirs is an awesome story of the bond between humans and animals. Click here for Cary's story.

Sher at What Did You Eat? is stifling in 100+ degree weather but that doesn't seem to thwart her creative skills. Today she features an awsome and cooling grape and almond gazpacho a la Mustards Grill Napa Valley Cookbook on her site.

Karletta at Culinary Muse, sips a cocktail on the San Francisco Embarcadero musing about the dramatic changes that have taken place there since 1968.

Catherine at Albion Cooks serves up luscious vegetarian fare. Today she highlights a beautifully presented taco salad .

David Lebovitz, cookbook author, chocolate expert and American ex-pat living the sweet life in Paris, offers up an intriguing cake made with US-banned absinthe.

The prodigious Kalyn at Kalyn's Kitchen espouses recipes that are South Beach Diet friendly with flair and gusto. Today's post features shrimp and Asian-style veggies from the grill, along with other South Beach food pairing suggestions.

At A Mingling of Tastes, Julie shows us how to prepare a trio of dishes showcasing fresh figs. I can't wait to try any one of these recipes.

Okay, that's it for now. I've already got a list for next time!


  1. Dear Christine,
    Thanks so much for the mention. You have been my inspiration to do more posting.

  2. Thanks from me too. :):) I actually cooked today--used heat, I mean. I agree with you about little Cary over at Farm Girl Fare. He tugs at my heart each time I see him.

  3. Thanks for the mention. I'm honored to be included among such a talented group of bloggers.

    You're right about one thing for sure, it's getting harder and harder to find time to read the blogs like I did when I was first starting. Now it seems like every time I go to Food Porn Watch I see 25 new blogs I've never heard of. So much talent!

  4. Hi Christine,
    Thanks so much for mentioning my blog! The fig post is one of my absolute favorites. Doing a blog roundup is a really great idea because there are so many blogs, and it helps to have a little guidance on what to read. I might try doing that on my own blog occasionally. Thanks again.

  5. K - I'm honored to have had a hand in your posting more often. Your writing is an inspiration to me.

    Sher - Brave girl to turn on your stove in this heat!

    Kalyn - Yes, it amazes me the amount of talent I discover, sometimes quite by accident. And while I'm certainly not the quintessential judge on writing and cooking talent, giving bloggers a mention now and then can only help to support the entire community. I know I've said it again and again, but in my book you take the best food blogger cake!

  6. Hi Julie - Didn't mean to leave you out of my comments above. You go for it! The more bloggers who get mentioned the better for us all.


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