Friday, March 24, 2006

NOW it's Spring!

For me it's not spring in our neck of the woods until the swallows return to nest in the eaves of our house and the rafters of our barn. Every year on March 19th I start watching the sky. Allowing for weather, they will appear between the 19th and 23rd. When the 23rd went by and I still hadn't seen them, I began to worry. About how the weather might have affected them, about it not truly being spring until these beautiful little birds come "home", and if they didn't, would spring just not happen this year?

Then this morning, which dawned clear and sunny for a change, while crossing the short distance from the house to my office, I looked up and there they were. Swooping and diving, their long forked tails and swept-back wings cutting a graceful image against the blue sky; happily catching bugs on the fly, singing their lilting song - finally, Spring has truly sprung!

And since it's very, very hard to capture flying swallows on camera, Clay snapped this photo of the native red currant that blooms at the edge of our yard. Happy Spring!

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