Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Blog Withdrawal...

My hands are shaking, my right cheek is twitching, my heart is pitter-patting in a most uncomfortable way, and visions of happy food bloggers from around the globe, busily typing away on their keyboards, posting wonderful foodie things to the food blog community, are relentlessly taunting my dreams, filling me with a dread of being left behind.

But, I cannot blog just yet. I've been on an imposed hiatus. There is year end bookkeeping to do, reports to get in, and the horrible job of getting-that-tax-stuff-to-the-CPA work to finish. I cannot blog. I cannot blog. I cannot.........!

I will soon though. I promise. Really, I will. Don't dispair and don't give up - a blogger's worst nightmare - because no matter how much we say we are doing this for our own satisfaction, it's just not true. We need you to care, to laugh (or cry) at our stories, to try our recipes and tell us how great they, and we, are. You're the reason we blog. Well, you're the reason I blog.

So don't forget me. I'm still cooking, I just can't blog about it right now. Check back soon. Please!

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