Friday, September 15, 2006

Up To My A@# In Alligators

Hi Folks. It's only been three days since my last post and I feel like I'm out in left field. All of my favorite food bloggers are merrily, merrily posting away, daily!, while I've been looking longingly at my cooking photos and at my computer then firmly squaring my shoulders and saying NO! Because sometimes, as Nancy used to say (does she still say it?), you've just gotta say no. I would, and can and have, merrily spend countless hours writing up a post or reading others' posts. And I mean hours. And that doesn't account for the cooking that I do.

Consequently, everyone once in a while the rest of my life, and work, suffers. So now I'm doing penance and actually catching up with paperwork, bookkeeping, housework, shopping, and preparing for this potluck party we're giving tomorrow. I'll have to try to catch up with blogging on Sunday. 'Til then, there are some cool photos on my garden blog. Take a look!