Thursday, September 21, 2006

Low Carb Scramble

The preparation of food gets simpler and simpler as the countdown to leaving on an extended trip gets closer and closer to zero... blast-off. I'm at three... two... right now, struggling to take care of all business on the home front while trying to figure out the accoutrements one might need to cross the country by train and see the fall colors of New England in proper style. Doncha know. More on that tomorrow.

This one is a low carber's delight. Feel free to substitute meat, cheese and veggies to your liking. Heck, you can even use whole eggs if you want.

Low Carb Scramble
Christine's Original Recipe

1/2 red bell pepper, diced small
4-5 leaves kale, mid-rib removed, coarsely chopped
1/4 cup turkey lunch meat or roasted turkey breast or roasted chicken, diced small
1/4 cup asiago cheese, diced small
3/4 cup egg substitute, such as Lucerne's Best of the Egg, which is lower in sodium than others
Or, if you prefer, 3 whole eggs, beaten to blend
2 teaspoons Smart Balance
1/2 teaspoon Vegit or Spike or Garlic Lover's Garlic

Melt the Smart Balance over medium-low heat in a heavy bottom skillet.
Add the peppers and saute until beginning to soften.
Add the kale and continue to saute until the peppers have softened and the kale is cooked and still bright green.
Pour in the egg substitute and stir gently.
Add the meat and cheese, continue to stir gently as the eggs cook. Keep the heat low so they don't cook too fast.
When the eggs are softly scrambled and the cheese has melted, use the seasoning of your choice to finish the flavors and divide onto two plates. Or, if you're really hungry, don't tell anyone you've made this and eat it all yourself. Of course I didn't do that!