Monday, September 4, 2006

Michelle's Poulet aux Noix

Once in a while I see a recipe on someone's food blog that really knocks me out. And once in a while I'll just have to share it with you. Like this one that I made the other night for my family.
Michelle, of Je Mange la Ville, posted a recipe for Poulet aux Noix, or Chicken with Walnuts, and when I saw it on her blog I had to make it for myself. The photo above is a rather yellow-brown color because the dish is, well, a bit yellow-brown. But in a good way. It is soooo very delicious that nobody at my table complained. (Lots of complimentary moans and groans, and not one color complaint!)
I followed this recipe exactly as Michelle wrote it except I had skinless, boneless thighs and breasts on hand so I used those and I left the garlic cloves in their skins. At first I didn't think they would cook in the amount of time allotted, but they did and were so wonderful. The whole dish sparkled with a lemony-white wine flavor that suited the chichen to a "T" and the walnuts cooked to a caramel-y goodness, maintaining their own texture and flavor while melding with the flavors of the sauce. I also made the Haricot Verts in Walnut Oil and the Gratin Dauphinoise to round out this perfectly delicious French meal.
These recipes are all keepers and will go into my book of favorites. Do visit Michelle's site for this and other great recipes.