Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award . . .

. . .  and I'm blushing!

Mary, who blogs over at Work of the Poet, and who is a multi-faceted person and stellar photographer,
sent me a Beautiful Blogger Award.

I am so pleased!

Pleased also that I get to pass it on to some of my beautiful blogger friends.

The rules are:  Tell seven things about yourself and then pass the award on to 15 beautiful bloggers.

Here goes:

1.  I hate to fly. Even though I have to do it from time to time, I truly hate it.

2.  I'm a farm girl at heart and would have sheep, goats, more horses,
and maybe even a cow if Mr CC could abide it.

3.  I love Mr CC too much to indulge in my farm girl fantasies.

4.  My day job is being a business manager.

5.  Blogging makes me sedentary; I really should exercise more.

6.  I love taking photos of plants, critters, and the great outdoors and have another blog devoted to just that.

7.  I would live in France if I could. Even if for a short while . . .

Now I'd like to pass this along to:

Truly beautiful bloggers, all of you!

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