Tuesday, February 13, 2007

After Dinner Treats... Better Than Chocolate?

Nightly, after the dinner dishes have been cleared and a wee small nap is in order, this is where you'll find Mr CC and Lily. Between the two of them, it's hard to tell who's loving it the most. Want to see what Mr CC likes to do? Go over to Raven Ridge Gardens to check it out.

Cook's Notes:
I know I've been absent a lot. I'm not looking for nor do I want sympathy here, but I've had one of the nastiest cold/flu illnesses I've ever experienced. Days on end of doing nothing, feeling like doing nothing and accomplishing zilch. It hasn't been fun. And I've been missing you a lot. Today I'm feeling somewhat human and am trying to get ramped up and blogging (read cooking) again. My sis and her husband are coming today for the weekend. Yay! We're having grilled, bacon-wrapped, locally line-caught albacore tonight. You WILL see it here.