Friday, June 29, 2007

Pimientos de Padrón And Smoked Goat Sausage...

Happy Quail Farms fried Pimientos de Padrón

Achadinha Summer Goat Sausage and Cypress Grove Lamb Chopper Cheese

I waited a bit too long to begin this post about the Happy Quail Farms fried pimientos de padrón, as I just now saw that Sam (whom I was delighted to meet for the first time last weekend) and I made the same recipe but she got it on her blog before me. So I'll spin this post a bit differently.

The fact that Sam and I bought our pimientos from the same guy, on the same day, at the same farmers market, it stands to reason that we would both cook them up the same way. Great photos, Sam!

If you happen to find yourself at the SF Ferry Plaza Farmers Market of a Saturday morning and the folks at Happy Quail Farms have their little green mesh bags full of these beauties on display, do buy a bag or two, or three (I wish I had bought a bushel) and follow the recipe on the label or on their web site. I promise that you'll be very happy you did.

Also to be found at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market is the Achadinha Goat Cheese Company. A new favorite find of mine, the delightful Donna Pacheco and her husband Jim make rustically beautiful, delicious goat cheeses. But the reason I sought them out this time was for their Summer Smoked Goat Sausage. Be still my heart - this stuff is incredible!

I paired it with our local Cypress Grove Lamb Chopper sheep milk cheese. Combine these with the fried Pimientos de Padrón and you've got a match made in heaven.
PS - To my RSS readers, during the process of writing this post, I accidentally hit the publish post button waaaay before it was ready for reading. Please accept my apologies.

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