Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Today It's My Birthday

Well, I wasn't going to do this but it seems I can't help myself. Nor do I want to, I guess.

Today I become one of the Grand Dames of the food blogging community. I don't know the ages of many bloggers, but I did tell Kalyn on her birthday that I was not far behind her; that I would soon become a member of that oft dreaded decade... (did you really think I would tell you?). And, as it turns out, rejoice in the achievement.

When I was young(er), the thought of being this age conjured up visions of wrinkles, creaking joints and a moribund settling in to the downside of life. Well, I have just one word for that: PAH!

Having reached the beginning of a new decade, I can look at this, finally, not as the beginning of an end, but as an inspiration to do more. To achieve more. To be as healthy as I can possibly be and to laugh - long and with gusto. And let me tell you, with Mr. CC at my side, laughter is a huge part of my life. A secret to longevity if ever there was one.

There is one sad thing I feel, again, compelled to share (we bloggers are a sharers, are we not?):

My sweet little dog Jack died on Sunday night. He'd been my constant companion for 11 years and the last few weeks have been very difficult to endure.

Now that I've written this, I don't know what else to say. Those friends and visitors to this site will now know the reason for my absence. Those who don't know me at all will probably shrug their shoulders and move on.

As it should be.
We move on. We have birthdays and, in spite of sadness, we celebrate.
I'm told that today I'm to let myself be led, don't ask (too many) questions and just go with the flow. If I'm lucky I'll see whales. I'll keep you informed.
Then, when I can shake off the sadness, I'll cook again.