Saturday, February 19, 2011

Christine Cooks is Six years Old Today

 Today I begin my 7th year of writing this blog.

I greet this significant milestone with mixed emotions.

This morning I went on an interesting journey through my blog posts all the way back to February 2005, wincing at some of the writing and the early photography (or lack thereof), laughing at some of the recipes, smiling at others that I know are keepers.

Mostly what I see is a genuine yearning to eat well and be healthy in the process.

Sometimes that endeavor has taken me down some dubious paths:  egg substitute instead of whole eggs; trans fat free margarine instead of good butter.  Oy.

Grains or no grains?

Full, reduced or low fat?

Sugar or no sugar?

Splenda?  (Well, yeah, it's my weakness.)

Omnivore, vegetarian, vegan?

One could get whiplash reading some of my posts.

I have often thought to delete the more wince-producing ones but then the documenting of the journey wouldn't be complete.  And for me the journey is what makes the story interesting.

Life is an experiment.

We try things on, wear them for awhile to see how we like them, sometimes casting them off according to what is fashionable, sometimes making them a permanent part of our wardrobe.  Of course I'm speaking metaphorically about food.

What I have learned about food is not so much all things in moderation as eat what works for you in order for you to live a healthy life - "healthy" being key.

Some need to be vegan or vegetarian.  Some need to avoid fat, salt, and sugar.  Some need to avoid gluten, wheat in particular.  I've tried all of these things.  They are on the pages of this blog, sometimes written a bit pedantically.  I don't apologize.  It's all part of the journey.

And after giving it some thought, I've decided to continue this journey for a bit longer.  I still have things to say, food to cook and share.

As I move into year seven I know I'll mostly concentrate on recipes that will reflect my goal to eat food that works for me in order for me to live a healthy life.

I may quote Michael Pollan at times.

And I'll try not to pontificate.

Bear with me.

Oh - yes, there will be Splenda.

Some things I won't give up.

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