Wednesday, July 7, 2010

We Will Return You to Your Regularly Scheduled Program . . .

. . . when I return in a few weeks.

I know.

Just when I start rubbing my hands together, thinking Summer!  I'll have more time to cook, more time to

invent recipes, more time to blog . . .

Then I leave.  Then I come home for

all of one day, 

then I leave again.

I'm a bad blogger.


The recipe that goes with the photos will be revealed when I return. It's a fun way to grill fish.

See ya.

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rowena said...

Have a wonderful holiday.
I'm looking forward to your recipe especially the fish on the grill.
Till next time.
Have lost of fun

katiez said...

I hope whatever it is you are off doing will be enjoyable, relaxing, fun and/or worthwhile....
See you when you get back.

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Ha, I call that being a real good person!
Have a wonderful time.

Sophie said...

See ya too!

The grilled fish with the herbs & the side dish looks so tasty!! I had a break of 10 days allready & I am going to take a larger break of 3 weeks in August too!

Have fun!
Kisses from Brussels to you!

Jann said...

Enjoy the time away~we all have a life away from our computers and blogging! However, this dish has my taste buds watering!!!

Mary said...

Have a fabulous holiday. We'll be here when you get back. Blessings...Mary

elvira pajarola said...

carissima Christine..........
Ohhhhhhhhhhhh; I FOUND MY INSPIRATION..............: in YOUR FABULOUS KITCHEN; IN YOUR FABULOUS COOKING.............; !!!!!!!
It's paradise in your fantastic blog......I can really smell all the delicious perfumes...mmmhhh!

I just put myself now on reading and I will tell you what recipe I tried first; ok????

ciao ciao elvira