Monday, October 22, 2007

What I Did Last Week

It rained all last week. All the days long and most of the nights. And me laid out flat with the flu. I still had to slog my way outside each day to feed the horse and dogs, letting them know they were still loved. Slogging in the rain with the flu - that was fun. No cooking, little eating, just me wrapped in a blanket with a cup of herbal tea, feeling sorry for myself.

'Round about Friday afternoon, as I began to feel better, I made applesauce. Which was fun.

On Saturday I made some really delicious beans then yesterday I roasted several butternut squashes and stuffed them with the beans. Fun and very good but not very photogenic.

Right now there's lamb stew on the stove.

The mojo returneth. Recipes to follow.

Oh, and the sun came out.

Oh, dear. I really meant to include the photos the first time.

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