Saturday, December 9, 2006

French Wine And Foie Gras

The best part of our 6-week trip to Europe last fall was being in the Dordogne or Perigord Noir region of France. We fell in love with the food, the wine, the countryside, the castles, and the people.

One afternoon we found ourselves in Domme, a fortified village, or bastide, which rises sharply from the Dordogne River valley floor and affords stunning views from its 13th century walls. We also found a lovely little wine shop that featured a locally grown and produced, award-winning Vin de Pays. We purchased a bottle and drank it. It was wonderful. A bit rough at first opening, but after letting it breath for about 15 minutes it mellowed right out. There was something about that wine that spoke to me.
Our trip took us further south and west, finally into Spain and Barcelona. And I couldn't stop thinking about that bottle of wine.

Luckily for me, we had to drive back to the Dordogne region to return our rental car and I was able to visit Domme again and purchase another bottle of that wonderful wine. Which brings us to last night...

I'd been saving the Domme wine for what-I-don't-know, some special occasion or other, along with a small tin of foie gras d'oie (pure goose liver pate) and a tiny glass jar of black Perigord truffles, both bought in Sarlat and tucked into my travel bag to bring home.

Well, last night, for no reason other than it was blustery, unseasonably warm, and we'd just brought home our Christmas tree, my husband and I opened the wine, foie gras and truffles. Sitting together in our living room, talking and looking at the as-yet-unadorned Christmas tree, this was the occasion we'd been waiting for.

It wasn't a special occasion, as many "special" occasions go, but it was mighty fine. Mighty fine.